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Our company consist of five members and two company advisors who have different background. In our latest project we are using Olimex RFID Reader, Arduino Uno Rev 3, and Visual Basic Programming to design the Graphical User Interface

Latest Project

Graduation Ceremony Using RFID Technology

The idea of the project is to design a graduation ceremony system using RFID technology that has some functions that will make the graduation ceremony more efficient and exciting.
The system will consist of :-

  • RFID Reader (Hardware)
  • RFID Graduation (Software)
  • Tag (Card)

The features of RFID Graduation are :-

  • Local Database
  • Pre-recorded Voice
  • Pre-recorded Video
  • Student Picture
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Latest Photos

RFID Graduation Application

RFID Graduation Application

RFID Graduation Device

RFID Graduation Device

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